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PUNTO CERO is an Ecuadorian Company positioned for many years in the German Market. We make it possible to bring the most exclusive Ecuadorian Flowers, as well in varieties as in quality directly to your hands.

We have achieved to find the a direct way to offer to the German florists and wholesalers the freshest flowers from Ecuador. Through our logistic and support from our partner PUNTO CERO GmbH we are able to deliver our flowers in your shop after 2 days they have been packed at the farm in Ecuador.

Many years ago we introduced the FLO certification in some Ecuadorian farms which was a requirement for our Swiss customers. We, as well supported FLP, taking part of the organization for many years. Therefore we have grown together in the development of these processes and are aware about the benefits these programs offer.

Caja Punto Cero bodNow, PUNTO CERO Germany GmbH is active member of FLO supporting directly our Ecuadorian workers in different projects in the farms.

See our FairTrade page here...

PUNTO CERO is an Ecuadorian Company dedicated to select through a strict quality control each stem that you will receive, granting freshness and long vase live additionally, assuring you the origin of the flowers that come from certified farms.

This is PUNTO CERO, Ecuadorian people working to offer you the best Ecuadorian Flowers based on Fair Trade.

PUNTO CERO BEST ROSES FROM ECUADOR makes you think about our wonderful country ECUADOR! We invite you to join our select group of customers and use our experience and quality as a complement to your success.


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Office: +49 0221 3409 3010
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